ADSOL building relationships with customers in the Midlands

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We put a call into a well know food manufacturing business in the Midlands and speak to their maintenance manager. They confirm that they have hot glue melters (not our own Meler systems, but systems by other manufacturers). The maintenance manager agrees to meet with us.

They are impressed by the prices that he sees in our quote and places an order. After seeing our quote they estimate that they are saving about 30% against what they usually spend. We send the parts directly from our shelves (as we carry stock holding here in the UK) and they are with them next day.

We put a customer service call in, a few weeks later, to see how it is going. They report back that the parts are performing superbly! Several weeks later we get a call from them at 8pm in the evening. One of their tanks has stopped working and they can’t work out why. It is 8pm in the evening (of their 24/7 production facility) and they have an order to fulfil by 7am the next morning; this broken down machine represents a real problem. They are under pressure. Our engineering team takes the call as our engineers answer the phones out of hours (at ADSOL we support our customers 24/7). One of our engineers heads out from the North West and is with them in the Midlands by 10pm in the evening (just two hours later). By 11pm we have fixed the issue and have their machine working again. Keeping production running has saved their business several thousand pounds and a whole lot of stress.

After this, they bring us in to carry out servicing on their other melters. We work around their tight production cycle, and the service takes place on a Saturday morning. After the servicing of their gluers, they report back to us that: “the machines have never run better”. The line operators are absolutely thrilled and also find the information that our engineers shared with them on the day very useful.

Business is growing for them. One month later, the business is going to start a new production line and, because they now understand our offering and equipment quality, they take a quote from us for one of our Meler Micron units and then goes ahead and buys. We come in and install out Micron system and stand with them until production is in full flow; the maintenance manager and the production team are delighted with the outcome.

In the end they had saved money on parts, melters and the servicing by working with ADSOL as well as minimising any money lost from costly downtime.

This was all in the Midlands, but ADSOL operate all over the UK & Ireland, give the team here at ADSOL a call to find out how we can improve your production.

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