Installing new Meler B4 systems
for a Bed and Mattress Manufacturer in Greater Manchester

Manual Assembly

One of our customers, a well-known bed and mattress manufacturer based in Greater Manchester, came to us when they wanted to replace their old systems.

We were more than happy to supply them with 2 full Meler B4 hot melt systems complete with hoses and swirl guns. The Meler B4 is one of our more compact systems and it is incredibly effective at smaller automatic jobs or manual applications.

Some key features of the Meler B4 are:

  • A 4 litre tank; perfect for small-scale operations
  • 2 outputs meaning 2 hoses can be attached
  • A melt rate of 6 kg/h
  • A pump rate of 65 kg/h

The B4 has been designed specifically for low-cost manual applications and is becoming more and more commonplace within the bed and mattress industry with savvy customers searching for reliable hot melt systems.

Meler B4