Leading Cornwall-based Brewery takes delivery of a new Meler Micron 5/4

Micron 5 Melter

A leading Cornwall-based Brewery has just this week taken delivery of one of our Micron 5 litre tanks (with 4 hose ports). The Micron tank is to replace their aging non-Meler tank whose piston pump has just started to be problematic.

We have been supporting them and their pre-existing tank for a good while (with servicing and spare parts). However they were starting to have problems with their system and so they have bought a Micron tank to go inline; The Micron is fully compatible with Ni120 Technology and able to connect to their existing hoses and guns straight away.

We will be taking their old tank away, servicing it, doing a bit more remedial work on it, and then returning it to them; they will then hold this as a spare.

Our Meler tanks all come with an industry leading 2 year guarantee.

To find out just how cost-effective our new Meler Micron tanks are, please give us a call and allow us to quote you.

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