Innovative, shielded foot pedal solution for EMS provider in Tyne & Wear

Shielded foot pedal in action

A brand new customer recently came to us with a project. The customer, a specialist electronic component manufacturer based in Tyne & Wear producing a high value product, needed a way to fire an extremely precise and measured bead of hot glue onto a delicate circuit board.

After consultation, we have been able to deliver the perfect solution; a shielded foot pedal combined with one of our Micron Glue systems (including an automatic gun) for hands-free hot melt application. The operator simply presses the pedal down with their foot to activate one measured shot from the hot melt applicator and deliver exactly the right amount of glue at just the right spot.

The shielded foot pedal is robustly built to withstand any workplace situation and it’s provided with a bright yellow safety cover designed to stop people accidentally stepping on the pedal.

Our engineers ensured that the customer was completely happy with the result before signing the project off.

Our tanks come with an industry leading 2 year guarantee, while our technical team is available to support 24/7.

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