It goes Code red for a customer in Lancashire; ADSOL answer the call!

Food Packing Lancashire

A call came in at 5pm (Thursday 16th June 2016)  from one of our customers (A major food packing company in Lancashire); one of their competitor hot melt machines had given up and consequently production had been halted (and so of course very expensive down time)

We have been effectively working with this customer for a couple of years now; servicing their existing hot melt machines, plus providing technical support and supplying spare parts (as well as new systems).

As their melters, from one of our competitors, have been reaching the end of their life span we had been replacing them with our Meler tanks (Ni120 technology and fully compatible with their existing units, spares and general set up).

But back to the story; by 5.30pm the team had one of our Micron 5 hot melt tanks in a vehicle and then by 7.30pm our line side engineers had the Meler system online and working, and production was back.

As well as keeping production going, this has brought the customer vital breathing space. They can now decide what they want to do; have us fix their old system for them or purchase one our award winning Meler systems with a two year guarantee, fully supported by ourselves.

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