Lancashire customer gives green light to one of our Meler Micron glue systems for product stabilisation project

We have just completed a project with a market leading specialist who produce and supply products to the civil engineering market, in particular roads and highways. Our customer, based near Blackburn, was new to hot melt (at their UK site) as a solution, but needed to help stabilise their high value and delicate product during transportation.

We initially ran trials at our workshop and established that the process worked; the customer was thrilled with the results, the swirled glue perfectly held the product together.

From this, our customer took delivery of one of our award winning Micron systems, with gear pump (in this instance a Micron 20), with two vertical manual assemblies. The customer had the manual hoses and applicators expertly supported and balanced thus creating an excellent and efficient workstation for the operators.

For us, it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional and impressive company.

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