Replacing staples with Hot Melt for a well known retailer in Yorkshire

B4 Manual Assembly

A well known retailer, at one of their massive fulfillment centres in Yorkshire, contacted us recently regarding finding an alternative to using staples in their cardboard box build process.

The customer operates a multi-million pound mail order section.

They wanted to move away from staples in the building and sealing of cardboard boxes and so hot glue presented as a great option.

They had found that staples had the potential to damage items being carried in the boxes (snag material on clothes or furniture for example), plus the staples could cut and scratch the consumers and their household; children for example. Aesthetically, the customer also felt that the ‘look’ of staples did not fit in with their corporate brand image.

The customer trialed one of our B4s with a manual assembly over a 4 day period. The results showed no loss of strength of the boxes and they could be built just as quickly as using an industrial staple gun. The customers stakeholder team are currently reviewing the results.

Meler B4