B4 VS PUR and the B4 Non-Stop


Adhesive melters work with moisture cure reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives in 2, 3 or 4kg foil-encased blocks or form-liner slugs with foil bottoms with maximum diameter 130 mm. The B4s user-friendly design provides secure, precise and easy operation. It also offers simple maintenance, ease of cleaning and reduced adhesive waste.

The concept of ‘melt on demand’ is to allow for inconsistent production cycles. After using some of the adhesive you can stop and start the machine after hours or days. The Meler B4 NON-STOP melts only the perfect amount of adhesive for the application, and protects the rest from melting. No extra dry air or nitrogen supply is necessary due to the air tight cylinder pressing system. The pressure and melting system allows the complete use of the adhesive, avoiding any waste of PUR adhesive.

Electronic Control Unit

The B4 NON-STOP’s electronics control the temperatures in a range from 40ºC to 200ºC and the motor/pump speed to adapt the adhesive flow rate, manually or automatically, to the application.

Main Use

Meler B4 NON-STOP is used for manual and automatic applications with low glue consumption such as Clear Box Gluing in the Graphic Arts Industry, product assembly applications in the Automotive Industry and Wood Working Applications such as Edge-Banding, etc.

Meler B4 VS PUR

The Meler B4 VS PUR is a melting unit for low and medium consumption. This device offers a wide range of manual and automatic flow adjustment options, by regulating the speed of the pump motor from 0 to 100 rpm.

Electronic Control

B4 VS PUR controls temperatures with a high degree of accuracy, from 40° to 200°. Its safety system controls the following:

  • Breakage of the temperature sensor and over excess temperature.
  • Protects against application malfunctions.
  • Communication with the main machine when the selected temperatures of all items have been reached.

The B4 VS PUR control has a built-in daily/weekly automatic start-up and stop timer.

Hose Connection

The B4 has two connections for the hose-gun assembly. The hydraulic connections comply with the 9/16 18 UNF industrial standard.

Holding Capacity

This unit is designed to melt small PUR blocks of up to 3 kg. Once the device has been loaded, the adhesive is protected by an airtight cover and humidity-free gas injection system.

B4 VS PUR Specs