Macro series Melters

Gear Pump

The Macro Series of melters are high capacity units that can be supplied with different pump capacities. The gear pump allows an equal and precise glue application via control of the gear speed.

Multi-functional Electronic Control

This new development by meler combines the electronic control that allows user friendly and intuitive handling of the motor control.

Easy Access

The easy access to all the components of the Macro system units is a big advantage. It allows quick access to all internal components of the system (motor, controls etc.) via the protection panels and an electronic cabinet mounted on a sliding rail.


The hose connections of the Macro system units can be installed at the rear or on one side of the system. Two hoses per pump and manifold can be installed, with a maximum of four pumps per unit.


The tank consists of three parts: a big hopper, a pre-melting zone and the main melt zone. Individual temperature control for each zone allows a gentle and careful melting of the hot melt. The new Macro system permits the use of small glue pellets as well as 20 Kg packs of P.U.R. glue.

The Macro system tank is equipped with a closing valve, for stopping the glue flow between the tank and manifold for easy cleaning and maintenance of the pump, manifold, pressure relief valve and filter. The PUR version comes with an air dryer facility, that ensures that the air within the tank remains fully dry; this is combined with an air-proof tank lid with an air extraction valve.


The assembly of motor-gearbox-pump ensures consistent hot melt supply. A range of pump sizes (from 1cc to 30cc) and simple and twin pumps are available.


The Macro system can be provided with Pt100 as well as with Ni120 sensor technology. Therefore it is compatible with most of the common hot melt systems in the market.


The pressure relief valve ensures that excess pressure situations are avoided in the system. It also maintains a constant system pressure even within intermittent applications. The pneumatic control (optional) allows an easier pressure control, displaying the pressure on a pressure gauge.

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