Meler Automatic feeding systems

The Meler Automatic Feeding System allows the maintaining of a constant hot melt level in the glue tank, avoiding the need to manually refill. Every time that the tank sensor detects a low adhesive level a signal is sent to the suction system. This then feeds hot melt directly into the glue tank which is indicated by a lighting signal. When the sensor detects the correct hot melt level the transfer is stopped (you can program a delay time for disconnection).

Alarm Signal

An alarm signal, with a delay time due to low level detection, indicates a possible failure in the transfer or an empty glue container or bag. A flashing light and alarm are activated simultaneously.

Avoid Hot Melt Pollution and Char

Meler’s automatic feeding system ensures a constant hot melt level in the tank avoiding a premature charring of the glue. Thanks to the completely closed transportation system, the glue remains unpolluted (less cleaning maintenance).

Automatic Feeding System Labelled
Automatic Feeding System Labelled


Can be installed to all Meler systems as well as other manufacturers’ systems. We supply the feeding system (control, filter, sensors and suction tube) together with the adaptor kit. You can also order a 120L container for the gluing unit to extend the time between refills.
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