PS20 & PS200 Drum unloaders

Hot-melt Adhesives in a 20L/200L drum

Meler PS20 and PS200 drum melters are melting and pumping systems for thermoplastic adhesives that directly use their drum containers for capacities of up to 20l and 200l respectively. They are designed to be used for applications that require high flow levels and speed.

Their main advantage is the direct use of the adhesive’s packaging itself, without the need for protective systems when using reactive polyurethanes (PUR), since basically only the material being pumped is melted. This machine has a high melting rate for two platen versions: smooth and axial platen, strong force cylinders and a great range of gear pumps. The long-lasting motor and pneumatic driven pressure valve assure a continuous and reliable application.

Gear Pump

Drum melters are high capacity units and they can be supplied with different pump capacities. The gear pump allows an equal and precise glue application by control of the glue quantity through the gear speed. It is possible to supply the units with a double pump.

Multifunctional Electronic Control

This new development combines the electronic Meler control, that allows for user friendly handling, and intuitive motor control.


The hose hydraulic connections to the units can be installed at the top of the melting platen over the manifold. Up to two hoses can be installed on the unit depending on the type of pumps used. Electric connections are placed close to the motor with a maximum of four hose connections.


The assembly of motor-gearbox-pump guarantees a constant hot melt supply, which is controlled by the motor rotation speed and there is a large number of pump sizes (1cc to 8cc/turn in single version) available.


The PS20/PS200 can be equipped with Pt100 as well as with Ni120 sensor technology. Therefore it is compatible with most of the common hot melt systems in the market.


The pressure relief valve ensures that excess pressure situations are avoided in the system. It also allows for a constant system pressure even in intermittent applications. Additionally the system provides a safety control by means of bi-manual buttons to avoid mechanical entrapments while the platen is going down.

Air Injection

When the platen is going up, an air injection system is used to counteract the vacuum effect inside the drum. The system is manually controlled by mounting a special pipe into the platen before it goes up. Optionally this procedure can be done automatically with the suitable device.


Our Meler NON STOP melters boast the fact that they only melt the required amount of adhesive for the job; so no way of using too much glue and increasing the amount wasted! On top of that, you can refill the machine without even having to turn it off ensuring minimum downtime.