Micron Melt on Demand (MoD) Melter

The MoD is designed for low and medium-consumption applications that require immediate adhesive melting. The system automatically supplies adhesive to the unit accordingly, so only the perfect amount of adhesive is melted. This instant melting system guarantees the best treatment of the adhesive, preventing carbonisation, which will also prevent nozzle clogging and reduce the need to clean the system. The charging and melting system is sealed to avoid contamination.

Energy Efficiency

The MoD is designed to reduce the consumption of electrical energy to the bare minimum, thanks to its MICRON technology. The on-demand melting system decreases the amount of energy required on startup. External energy losses have been minimised, thanks to its improved insulation features.

MoD Advantages

  • Simple and intuitive control panel design, with pumping and charging controls built in the front panel, which simplify the operator’s day-to-day tasks.
  • Smart standby function that reduces the unit temperature when the system is not operating.
  • Designed to guarantee safety for the user.
  • Keeps casings cold and features a valve that depressurises the adhesive pressure system or turns off the system in the event of an alarm.
  • Innovative design allows its easy integration in any installation.
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