Hot Melt Safety

Hot melt safety isn’t always at the forefront on everyone’s mind. It is sometimes easy to start taking shortcuts, such as to stop wearing protective clothing, as the operator is lulled into a false sense of security and underestimates the damage that the hot melt can do. We have visited a couple of sites recently where the level of safety of the operators working on the glue equipment could be considered to be a little subpar.

It should never be forgotten that accidents can, and will, happen if your hot melt and hot glue machinery is not run and managed correctly. The biggest potential hazard is serious burns from the glue. You are working with a very hot glue which is under high pressure (and sometimes back pressure even after the machine is switched off). Applicators are referred to as ‘guns’ for a reason; the glue is fired out of the end. There may still be (back) pressure built up with a glue system even after it is switched off that could fire out onto skin or face if not treated with the utmost respect.

From a protective clothing point of view, as a minimum, operators should always wear:

  • Protective industrial gloves
  • Protective long sleeve clothing/Lab coat
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety shoes/boots
  • Head covering
  • in short as much skin (and eyes) covered as possible

There should also be quick access to running cold water in the case of glue burns.

If you work with hot glue you should always keep Hot Melt Safety in mind and ensure you and others are protected.