NC Compatible gun
Our Bead/Dot application gun series are available in two versions: Air Open/Air Close (AO/AC), or Air Open/Spring Close (AO/SC).
NC series guns, together with the new NDS and NDD modules, are designed to be compatible with our customers’ existing equipment. All our applicators come with a 12 month Guarantee.

Compact Applicator Guns
Our compact guns bring together easy handling,  small size and flexibility, together with great thermal stability. Compact guns have a new ‘tight’ injection module available in AO/SC (MSR) and AO/AC (MDR) versions making them faster, more consistent,  longer-lasting and clog-free thanks to its internal insulated chamber.

Microprecision Applicator Guns
Reliability, precision and speed in a compact gun. The Microprecision gun can apply hot-melt in beads or dots pattern at high speeds, up to 8,500 cycles/minute (7,200 in the adjustable version). Based on Meler microprecision technology, they are small, robust and very reliable. It provides a total absence of drips and leaks when applying lines or dots. Recommended for rapid, high-precision machines, with production speed variations and limited space for gun installation. The adjustable version allows the operator to quickly change bead position by simply adjusting the module to the correct position.

Swirl Applicator Guns
Swirl automatic guns are available in single or multiple modules. Incorporated air heating prevents the cooling of the gun and inconsistent bead application. Swirl guns apply adhesive in a spiral pattern to cover a wide area while decreasing the quantity of adhesive required. The size of the area covered can be easily adjusted to suit the job.

MU Series Applicator Guns
The MU series hot glue guns are easily adjustable making them versatile and able to perform well in a wide variety of systems. These applicators can be reconfigured quickly and easily. They have convenient, removable side panels making them simple to repair and maintain.

Manual Applicator Guns
Available in Bead or Swirl application.
Handheld guns can be used with all Meler melting units and are also available in compatible versions for Nordson. Installed with a manual hose; from 2.4m to 4.8m and with a wide range of nozzles. Our Meler manual guns are lightweight and ergonomically designed making them comfortable to use and prevent strain. The internal mechanisms are insulated to ensure the safety of the user.

ECA version, common control/ECAI version, independent control
The modular design allows for multiple modules to be fitted providing solutions for most applications. Different connections and temperature sensors available to adapt the guns to other manufacturer’s equipment such as Nordson and Valco Melton.

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