Further Accessories

ADSOL supply a range of further parts & pieces to help keep your lines running...

Nozzle Cleaning Kits

We supply our own Nozzle cleaning kits.

Designed for effective and reliable use, Meler cleaning kits deliver a universal one size fits all system, meaning there is no nozzle our cleaning kits cannot be used for.

The tools themselves are a 'reamer style' as this is the best method to remove dried glue from the side of nozzles with a simple twist, something that the standard probe might not reach.

Our cleaning kits are durable and provide you with long service, and are compatible with all makes of nozzles in the market.

Nozzle Cleaning Kit Style 1
Nozzle Cleaning Kit Style 2

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves control the injection modules for automatic guns.

We offer several Solenoid valves including:

  • High temperature application design
  • Ultra high speed
  • 3/2, 4/2 or 5/2 versions with different air flows
  • Optional voltage coils depending on power source available (24 V DC, 24 V AC, 230 V AC or 110 V AC)
  • Free of maintenance
  • Our Solenoid valves can be used on your Nordson applicators
Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve

O-Rings & Pump Seal Kits

We stock a comprehensive range of ‘O’-rings and pump seal kits, so we can supply you with exactly the right ‘O’-ring that you require.

(Our O-rings and Pump seal kits are completely compatible with Nordson equipment)

O-Rings & Pump Seal Kits


When attaching your hose to your tank you will require Fittings; we provide a range of straight, 45% or 90% Fittings.


Adhesive Cleaners

We supply a variety of specialist cleaning products for cleaning your tanks & associated equipment from problematic dried and degraded adhesive.

Adhesive Cleaners
Adhesive Cleaner

Suspension Kits

We supply a very handy suspension kit that you can use to hang your hoses above your work area; keeping them from being stepped on and slowing general wear and tear.

The longer they last the more money you save on repairs and replacements!

Suspension Kit
In action

Shielded Foot Pedal

We supply a robustly built, shielded foot pedal designed for hands-free operation. They are built to withstand any workplace situation and the shield helps to prevent accidental activation. The bright paint even helps to make it stand out!

When connected to an applicator, the operator simply presses the foot pedal down with their foot to activate the applicator for more precise glue applciation.

Shielded foot pedal
In action