Glue Nozzles

Our S-beam series of glue nozzles provide accurate and precise application of glue.
They are made with quality stainless steel and available as:

    • Straight Nozzles
    • Rotary Nozzles
    • Right angle Nozzles

S-beam series precision nozzles provide superior control of pattern placement and bead width. Our nozzles are treated and designed to reduce adhesive sticking, corrosion and wearing.

On Rotary models they also allow for 360° rotation. One, two, three or more orifices are available and various angles from the center line of the nozzle.

Our E-Series swirl nozzles have a centre hole for the adhesive application and multiple holes around it for air to create a spiral application.

It is possible to choose a wide variety of swirl nozzles depending on application requirements.

Depending on the distance to the surface, adhesive and air flow we can achieve circles of glue up to 20-25 mm in width. With special nozzle design we can achieve more than 100 mm, depending on adhesive type.

Our Swirl nozzles are used in swirl handguns and ECA/ECAI series guns.

Meler glue nozzles are compatible with most manufacturers such as Nordson equipment.