Our Nozzle Cleaning Kit; intricately designed to be effective and reliable in their purpose.

The Meler cleaning kits are designed in a one size fits all fashion meaning there is no nozzle our cleaning kits cannot be used for.

The kit is designed in a reamer style to remove parts from the side of your nozzle with a little twist, where a standard probe cleaning kit would not reach.

Our cleaning kits are also very durable and can last years to ensure you get value from our cleaning kits, to top this all off you get 6 probes with a single purchase!

Nozzle Cleaning Kit Style 1

When it comes to hot melt equipment we look to supply only the best, so that’s why we only supply genuine Meler products.

Manufactured in Europe with quality at the core of their design and build, our parts and machinery are produced and then tested to the highest standards and specifications.

At ADSOL we provide a number of quality products, if you cannot find what you want on these pages please call and speak to one of the ADSOL team.

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ADSOL are available 24/7, and have UK based stock holding.

– Note: Our Meler parts are fully compatible with other manufacturers equipment such as Nordson