Heated Hoses

Meler heated hoses are manufactured with a high temperature PTFE core to prevent sticking and reinforced with a steel mesh cover for high pressure applications. Intuitive design combined with our insulation materials gives our hoses a consistent temperature over the complete length. Flexibility is also one of the greatest features of our hoses.

Meler offers a wide range of hoses in numerous lengths, from;
Auto Hoses : 2ft (0.6 metre) to 40ft (12 metre)
Manual Hoses : 6ft (1.8 metre) to 32ft (10 metre)

Heated Hoses PDF
Heated Hose

Standard bore of the hoses is 8mm. We also have wide diameter bore hoses for hi-flow or when using high viscosity hot melt Adhesive. Our Hoses come with either PT 100 or Ni120 Technology versions, so Meler heated hoses can be supplied with compatible electrical connections to adapt to other manufacturers’ systems such as Nordson and Valco Melton.

Hose Types

Auto Hoses – Auto heated hoses for use with automatic applicator guns.
Manual Hoses – for connecting to manual Handguns.
Transfer Hoses – when transferring adhesive i.e book binding pot, roller coater etc.
Watertight Hoses – waterwashed hose range prepared for IP 66/67

Heated Hose