Our Modules are used to accurately control the quantity and application rate of the adhesive.

When it comes to our modules, we only supply the best, so that’s why we only supply genuine Meler equipment. Manufactured in Europe with quality at the core the design and build, our equipment is produced and then tested to the highest standards.

ADSOL UK proudly and exclusively sells Meler modules that deliver:

  • High durability in extreme conditions
  • Incredible accuracy with minimum deviation
  • Optimum cut off of adhesive
  • Consistant flow rates and closing speed between same models
  • Compatibility with other manufacturers in the ND range

Injection modules come in a variety of models in order to provide a wide array of capabilities. They differ in application speed, flow rates and can allow for multi-bead lines as well as be used to coat heads.

There are also different closing systems that provide distinct benefits:

  • Ball closing system for optimum durability
  • Needle closing system for clean cut and self-cleaning effect
  • Negative closing system for optimum cut of adhesive

We supply a wide array of modules, if you cannot see what you require on these pages then please email or phone the ADSOL team with your enquiry.