Timers & Programmers

Our Meler programmers and timers control the adhesive position and application amount.

PC STAR Controller

Pattern controller for variable speed applications and accurate, precise applications. The PC STAR Controller is easy to install, small and compact.

  • Hot-melt and cold glue applications up to 400 m/min.
  • Possibility of connecting 8 guns to 4 channels with a total power output of 12.7W per gun.
  • 4 activations/deactivations per channel.
  • 20 pattern memory.
  • CMS (continuous mode selection) function. After downtime, you choose whether to complete or interrupt the cycle.
  • VP function. 0-10V output signal depending on production speed for adhesive flow adjustment.
  • Stitching mode.
  • LOCK-OUT function that ensures that the photocell only records each product once.
  • Quick and highly safe DIN connectors for all peripheral elements.

SIMPLEX Controller
Meler’s SIMPLEX Controller is programmed using screens with graphic representations that make language irrelevant. This simplifies its use for everyone and makes it a universal controller. The Simplex Controller may be used on a table top, in an enclosed area or with an optional swivel base, making it easier to use and in a convenient position for you.

  • Hot-melt applications up to 150 m/min.
  • Possibility of connecting 8 guns.
  • 4 activation’s/deactivation’s per channel.
  • 99 pattern memory.
  • LOCK-OUT function. It ensures that the photocell only records each product once.

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