About Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is made to be solid at room temperature and melt into a liquid when heated. After cooling, the hot melt then hardens creating strong bonds. Our machines work by heating the hot melt inside the tank and pumping it through a heated hose. It then comes out of one of the many applicators available for whatever job needs doing.

Hot or cold?

Certain applications work best with glue that melts at a certain temperature. In a lot of industrial applications, the best option would be a glue that melts at a high temperature, i.e. 190°C – 230°C. If the target surface can handle the high temperatures, then this kind of glue ensures even distribution and superior flow to cover the surface.

In more delicate applications, such as fabric and paper, you should use an adhesive with a lower melting point, i.e. 90°C – 120°C. These lower temperature glues are less likely to damage your product due to high temperature but also provide advantages such as not being brittle when cooled and are harder for surfaces to absorb.

There is a large variety of different glues available for different jobs, here are a few examples:

EVA adhesive

EVA-based (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) adhesive is the most common due to pricing and effectiveness, however it is not viable for every job because of low resistances to extreme conditions. It is mostly used for packaging and similar jobs.

PUR adhesive

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) adhesives are much more resistant to tough conditions than EVA. They are often used in the automotive and aerospace industries due to the wide range of temperatures they can withstand along with their resistance to solvents and chemicals. They react with moisture in the air, set very quickly and will not melt again.

Hot Melt Adhesive Application

General properties

    • Tack is the stickiness of the adhesive
    • Open time is the length of time after application where a bond can be made
    • Set time is the length of time it takes to form an acceptable bond
    • Softening point is the temperature at which the adhesive softens enough to allow it to flow under slight pressure

PA adhesive

PA (Polyamide) adhesive is a particularly strong glue that can be used in a wide range of temperatures. It is generally made from organic materials such as seed oil, making it a renewable source. They are often used in the automotive and electrical industries thanks to their strength and heat stability.

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